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Courses I Teach at OU

Spring 2009 

  • GEOG 1103 - Human Geography (GEN ED - Western Culture)

  • GEOG 3243 - Principles of Economic Geography

Summer 2009

  • GEOG 1103 - Human Geography (GEN ED - Western Culture)

Fall 2009

  • GEOG 1103 - 010/020 - Human Geography (GEN ED Western Culture)

  • GEOG 6220 - Seminar in Human Geography -  Geopolitics in an Information Age

Previous Graduate Seminars

  • Religion, Culture and Geopolitics (Fall 2007)

  • Cyberspace (Fall 2006)

  • Money and Finance (OU Advanced Programs 2007-08)

Darren Purcell

Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Advisor

Dept. of Geography
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK, 73019
Email: dpurcell(at symbol-no spam)
PH: 405-325-9193

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Research and Teaching Interests

My interests focus on society and information and communication technologies (ICTs.) As social structures, ICT usage can foster new forms of identity, new forms of conflict, and direct challenges to the power of the state to maintain control of space, territory, and societies.

These interests appear in publications about the WWW and Slovenia, and previous advisees have completed theses on  the Internet and lesbian spaces as well as Internet use for tourism promotion. My most recent work explores the intersection of theories of humor, ICTs and geopolitics.

 I am also interested in geographies of finance, in particular how industry trends and technology reshape credit unions in the U.S. and abroad in terms of defining communities. I am working on projects examining community definition in community chartered credit unions.

Current doctoral students are researcha range of topics, including  film and geopolitical positions in Turkey, the geographies of obesity as seen in the landscape and the body, and finally the  development of spatial decision support systesm for emergency managers.

Please see my CV for a complete listing of publications and presentations.

Indian blanket with a moth in it.

Indian Blanket with Moth and Beetle, May 2007. Little Sahara State Park, Oklahoma. Photo by Darren Purcell

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